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Finding What You Need

Find out when you need to appear in court.

Pay your fines and fees with the Oregon Courts

Search Oregon Judicial Department records.

Information regarding the Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Find parole and probation officer contact information.

MCSO - Booking Info

View Multnomah County Sheriff's Office  booking information.

Get free legal resources for expungements, DACA renewals, evictions, and name changes.

Resources for legal information and free civil legal services for low-income persons in Oregon.

Find reduced cost or free services in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What type of cases do you accept?  MDI contracts with the Office of Public Defense Services for the State of Oregon to represent people in Multnomah County's criminal and juvenile legal system. Our lawyers are appointed by the court and our office does not accept retained or private cases. Our office handles , felonies, misdemeanors, contempt matters, juvenile dependency, termination of parental rights, juvenile delinquency cases and civil commitment appeals.

2.  How much do you charge for your services?  MDI does not charge people for our services.

3.  What do I do now?  Criminal and juvenile cases have many consequences. Talk to your attorney about your goals so they can advocate for your interests.

4.  Can I clear the records of an arrest or conviction?  A legal process called expunction allows for clearing a person's arrest or conviction record under certain circumstances. Talk to your attorney regarding a referral.

5.  How can I help my attorney help me?

a.  Talk only to your attorney or their staff about your case. Communication with your attorney and their staff  is confidential; what you say to the police or family/friends or anyone else is not confidential.

b.  Keep in touch! Make sure your attorney has your most up to date contact information and let them know the best way to reach you. You may contact our office to schedule an appointment.

c.  Make it to court on time. If you are too late or fail to appear, it is possible that a warrant will go out for your arrest. It is also possible you could be charged with a new crime as a result. Leave extra time to get through the Courthouse security process.

d.  Be aware that the jail phone lines are recorded. Do not talk about the case on the phone.

e.  Follow the rules of release. There are often conditions placed on a person's release from custody such as "no contact" with a person or place. If the rules aren't followed, the Court may revoke your release and you may end up in jail.